Keavy Murphy

Director, Community Outreach & Engagement | Moderator | Mentor (Group B - Job Prep)

Keavy is a full time cybersecurity employee for over six years. Her focus is primarily governance, data privacy, cyber risk and I prioritize the use of soft skills to manage security requirements in line with business expectations.
She is also a community volunteer and mentor to under-represented groups in cybersecurity. Her passion lies in privacy and data security and engaging with others in the community.

Lisa Kearney

President & CEO | Cybersecurity Veteran | Instructor | Advocate

Lisa is an industry veteran with more than two decades of experience. She has been mentoring women in security and technology for 13 years.

Kelly Grant

Director, Program Management | Cybersecurity Veteran | Mentor (Group A - Career Advancement)

Kelly started her career 35 years ago as a systems and application programmer. 5 years later, she migrated to an IT/Cybersecurity role starting at a Canadian Bank and has not looked back. Over the last 30 years, from mainframe to wireless, Kelly has grown in her knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, as well as experience being a woman in a male-dominated environment. While there certainly have been great times, there have been challenges which Kelly can reflect on to help women either just starting out, or are in senior positions.

Marylyn Harris

Speaker | Mentor (Group B - Job Prep)

Marylyn Harris is a Cybersecurity Consultant, Registered Nurse, Writer, Speaker and Social Entrepreneur living in Houston (Texas). Ms. Harris is a former U.S. Army Nurse and Gulf War Veteran. She holds advanced degrees and training in Nursing (MSN), Business Administration (MBA) and Information Security.

Nalindrani Malimage

Speaker | Mentor (Group B - Job Prep)

Prior to switching to cybersecurity, I was a territory manager at Unilever. I completed my Master's degree in Information Assurance in 2017 and gathered many other additional qualifications to secure a job in cybersecurity. I am currently working as an information security/privacy analyst for a multinational company based in NJ.

Karen Mohindra

Director, Business Development | Volunteer

Karen is a long timer non-profit volunteer across various technology sectors. She is passionate and dedicated to her work and thrives in her role as Business Development Director.